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How Can You Write a Goddamn Letter or Email or Tweet or Whatever?

4 Jun

I don’t know. Sun News looks basically impossible to reach. How, please?

Anyway, I don’t really get Canada. But this shit is hilarious.

And as Wikipedia pages go, this Sun News one is pretty transparently AWESOME.


Margie Gillis vs. Right-Wing Idealogues Across North America

4 Jun

This is bullshit. And that Margie Gillis just sits and takes it! Wow, no wonder she’s gotten to where she is in the dance world–she has the patience and good humor of, like, one of those really nice saints. The saint that danced really well, not just that Vitus freak. And her little wave at the end? Mortification has never found such fitting embodiment. In the spirit of continuing the conversation in a less professionally Canadian fashion, herewith: Stop Wasting Margie Gillis’ Time with this Right-Wing Bullshit. Because She’s Got to Go Out and Make More Great Works on a Fucking Shoestring.

Plenty more to discuss here, but I’m just throwing this out there, quick and furious. Also, Anyonymous members, take note, this person’s name is Krista Erickson. She’s pretty new there.